First United Methodist Church

G.I.T.'R DONE (Get It Together)

  • Starts Monday June 5, 7:00 pm then as needed
  • West Campus
  • Started Jun 2023
  • Sign up from May 11, 2023 - Present
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John Krehbiel
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G.I.T.'R DONE (Get It Together)
Meets as needed

Are you the event planner in your family? Do you love throwing a party or maybe you're a list maker or just a git'r done kinda person? Or maybe you're a big picture, share the vision creative type. Well, it takes all kinds and whichever kind you are, this small group might be for you.

This gathering of creative, detail-oriented, big-picture visionaries will help plan some of our most popular events at First Church -- Fireworks at First and the Fall Festival for example.

This small group of powerhouse planners will strategize, dream, coordinate, and help oversee these events!

The more who help Get It Together the more we can help Git'r done!

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West Campus - 867 W Hwy 40, Lawrence, KS 66049

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